Monday, August 19, 2019

10 Things I Cannot Live Without

       Hello Fam! I hope this post finds you well and in good spirits.😄

This particular blog post will be short and sweet.

I'm coming to you after contemplating what to expose about myself next. I love using my Pinterest account to find gems I don't think are on any other social media platforms.

I use to be a creature of habit. I think in some ways, I still am. I can't eat the way I used to or have the same stamina I once had, but I do try to live my life instead of just existing. I am fundamentally a decent person. I don't set out to intentionally hurt anyone, nor do I seek harm to anyone who has hurt me. I let karma do its job. I will continue to be humble and grateful for each breath I take.

Now that that's out the way, let's get to some fun stuff.

Below are my top ten things I can't live without:

1) Music

Music over the years has been my best friend, my therapist, my confidant, my tear-jerker and my soul healer. I couldn't live on this planet without music. Could not!

2) Positive energy

I don't need daily affirmations to help navigate me through. However, I've had so many negative things happen to me ( and if I'm being honest, I've done negative things) upon much research and daily meditation, I need to have a positive outlook on my life. Wallowing in self-defeat and self-destructive actions will only produce negative outcomes. Yes, I'm a bit of a realist, but I'm a Libra y'all. I'm also a dreamer. I need balance in my life.

3) Good food

I won't say I'm a foodie, but I do enjoy different varieties of food. From a fresh Caprese salad to homemade mac' n cheese, ya girl has been blessed with a "cooking" hand and a lovely palette.

4) Books & Magazines

Uhh, this almost does not need an explanation. As an avid reader and writer, it's essential I read. Even if it's only the daily news online, I have to read every day.

5) My laptop

It's the center of my universe. Simple as that.

6) Notebooks

I think my last count was 10? I need to take a look. I'm working on three projects at the moment and there is a notebook for each one. I try to keep them close to me, along with my laptop.

7) Documentaries and BBC shows

I was losing faith in the quality of shows until the last 5 years. Thank goodness there are stories being made on independent networks! Kudos to Netflix for showcasing shows AND movies I wouldn't normally see here in the United States. My current obsession is Mindhunter and other shows about solving crimes.

8) Water

Not just consuming water, but at the very least, having a body of water to sit by or jump in.

9) Friends-

I have a small group of friends that I can call and count on.

10) Love

Whether it's from my partner, my kids (biological or bonus) or my family, I know I'm loved. I 'm not in shortage of that.

Fall season is around the corner. I love Autumn and all it brings. I may blog about that.
Until then...

Be well,



                                 What I listened to while writing this blog post

                                               Niia-Last Night in Los Feliz

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

My Dream Cast & Soundtrack Composer

Hello Fam!

After writing the post about the lack of POC representation in movies, I decided to create my perfect cast should my books ever be seen in a visual media form.  I created a list of actors/actresses who myself and my team would love to portray as my characters in a movie or cable network weekly show.

It's important to note that my female characters are POC and LGBTQ+, the rest of the cast (and crew) will be diverse across the board as well.

I want my work to reflect my surroundings. Representation is important and vital.

The talented individuals listed below were also chosen because their work in itself is exemplary.

In order of picture from left to right.

Alex aka Alexis~ Unknown Talent, Darius~Mahesh Jadu, Jacqueline aka Jackie~Janelle Monae
Midnight aka Katrine Baten~Tessa Thompson, Dominique~Aja Naomi King                                      President~Paul Bettany, David Reynolds aka Iva ~ TS Madison
Scientist~ Andre Holland, Melanie~ Brely Evans & Adamina O'hare~ Bryce Dallas Howard
There are other characters that are pertinent to the success of the story but those roles will be happily casted by virtually unknown  and undiscovered talent.

Moving on to what music I would choose called the Original soundtrack.
I love music. From Country to Classical. However, most of the music I listen to is Contemporary R& B.
I've always attached a Youtube video to my posts. Anyone who reads it can get a glimpse of what I listen to while I create my next post.
I've been a part of the process to shoot and put together a short film. One of the great elements to a film, (Tv show or even documentaries) is when music moves a scene. It sets the tone. Think about it. Most iconic movies have a fantastic soundtrack or at the very least a song you identify with it.
Below is a short list of movies that I love with amazing soundtracks:

The Wiz
The Wizard of Oz
Harry Potter Movies
Road to Perdition (Tom Hanks)
Dead Presidents
Lord of the Rings
Doris Day Movies
Carmen Jones
Waiting to Exhale
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Meet me in St. Louis

Being creative and wanting the public to watch an interpretation of a novel turned into some form of visual medium I believe would be an extraordinary experience. Waiting for the day with bated breath! I can feel it coming...

Have a beautiful week ahead!


                                               Would I do? by Neyo from The Wiz (Live)

                               Original song from the Soundtrack from "Road to Perdition"

The Writing Process and the Challenges of bringing relevant content

Hello Dawnettes and anyone that was guided here from my social media platforms!

Welcome and thank you for coming. Please leave a comment or ask a question if you wish.

Okay. So, as a writer, I try to make sure that when I post on social media I'm being as genuine as I can. I want to follow as many people as I can. I love to share and support others who are engaging with me.
Recently, I have begun to be more visible on Twitter. I have lessened my visibility on Instagram. The choices of why I changed they way I want my brand to showcase me as more than just a writer. Even here on my blog, I tackle different issues. This is where I can truly express what I feel without feeling I owe an explanation to anyone about what I write.

This blog is about the the process and the frustration that I feel most writers face. Coming up with content that is entertaining and tries to keep you interested from the first line in the first chapter to the epilogue. Your hope that you've done all the right things. Connected all the dots and the editor has made sure the story has continuity and flows like you originally intended. I believe writers are already feeling defeated before anyone reads their work. I think we are our worst critics. We may get writers block or just need to step away from your writing to get a fresh perspective.
Coming up with content takes research, ingenuity and imagination. The mindset it takes to achieve a short story, novella or even an epic novel takes blood,sweat and tears(literally).

At the end of your finished creation, there should be a sense of satisfaction. A jubilation. It's short lived. Because, now you have to let others see it. Review it, like it or dislike it. Interpet it the way they see it. However, your gleeful that anyone has taken the time to read what your imagination came up with.
It's exhausting. It's a lonely job. Having a network of other writers helps, because they understand your journey.
To my readers and fandom, I thank them with every fiber in my body. To the Writing community, thank you for the continued support. This is one thing I know for certain...

"No one wants to be in consent torment of putting words to paper. But to a writer it's a necessary evil."

Have a great week ahead!