Monday, June 13, 2016

                                                                 Just touching base...

Hello Dawnettes,

A few things have transpired since we last chatted. I went to Washington, DC for a panel discussion conducted by Sunfire Talent and to celebrate Pride weekend. The weekend was too short but I was anxious to get back to finish three current projects, find an editor, and plan out my Vampyir Ball.

Let me be the first to say that wearing too many hats can wear a mind and body down. I was speaking to a friend recently, and she said it's better to be busy than to not be busy at all. This may be true. However, because I'm a writer I have to be careful in everything I do. Including doing rushed work and letting other projects fall to the waste side because I don't have enough time to complete them. Being busy is one thing, overwhelming yourself is quite another.

As I reflect on when I started writing this blog, I am starting to get a handle on what I need to accomplish. What I can't finish,  I will try my best to tie up the next day. I need help on my time management. I have to start saying no to things that I know I can't complete.

In saying that, I need to be consistent. The ability to keep my word and complete a task. I have three notebooks for this. Not to mention other notebooks for my written work and the completion of my three novels yet to be published.

I will get it done. And sit back and breathe a sigh of relief.

I'm still gathering all of the necessary details for my ball. I want this event to bring all walks of life. It's a Vampire themed masquerade ball. My party with a purpose.

If you have a moment and know someone who would like to help sponsor my event, just click on the link below. There is also a link if you wish to just give a donation to one of the organizations.

Thank you in advance. Get ready to party in October. It's going to be epic.

Be well...


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American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

                                                                   Is this for real??

When I read this a year from now, I hope and pray that things will have improved. I hope that we will be one step closer to having security that detects maniacs from coming in anywhere that we could become victims. I hope that this world realizes we have differences, but we can co-exist without killing each. I hope people who have religious beliefs, start to promote more love and less hatred.

I hope.

*On June 12th, a man walked into The Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida and killed 49 people and injured 53 other. He was subsequently shot to death when officers exchanged fire.

The reality will not be as rosy. I know this. I've been in mourning for people all day that I didn't know personally and somehow could feel empathy because it "could" have been someone I loved.
It could have been me.
As the details spill out into the media and we learn who the person was that killed 50 people and injured 52 others, I can't help but wonder did he really hate us that much?  I read on a Youtube video  in the comments that on "other" social media platforms he is being celebrated and will be welcomed into heaven for his "good deeds."

I don't know what religion says that killing human beings are justifiable. Yes, I understand there are extremists. These extremists are in any religion and in any ethnic group. That's not what I believe this was.

He was a fearful human being. His fear of not understanding, to not be tolerant, of not valuing life. Even his own. He was described as mentally disturbed, a wife-beater, and a person who claimed to be in "connection" with a Terrorist group. My final estimation, he was a sick individual.

As I write this, my heart is heavy. The tears come easy because it takes so much for some of us to live in our truth. Unashamed and uninhibited. And yet, we are targeted, scrutinized, belittled, and frankly downright disrespected for simply wanting to live our lives our way. We don't infringe our beliefs on anyone. We just want to eat, love, live, grow old, and work. Basically, live our lives without living in fear. This is a beautiful world. A world we are filling with toxic fumes and pesticides. A world that gives us life every day and we take it for granted. I've ranted enough.

As the day went on, there were videos of solidarity and comfort from around the world. From NYC to Europe and back. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

I will use my platform to spread positivity, encourage others to be happy in their skin, and to showcase other's talents. Networking is one of the keys to success. We have to support each. Build a bridge for one another. We can stand alone on the island, but who wants to?

I want everyone who reads this to call someone you've been mad at and just check on them. Repair the broken bridges you made with people ( if they still want to talk to you.) And say a prayer for those who have come and gone in your life.

Tomorrow isn't promised. Live, laugh, and be the best human being you can be.

Be well...


Monday, May 16, 2016

It's Been A Long Time...

Portland, Oregon during Feb 2016.
Good morning Dawnettes and everyone else!

Today is Monday May 15th, 2016. 

I have to admit, there has been quite a few changes and shifts since we last spoke. I got married. I moved from Los Angeles, CA to Seattle, Washington. The plans I had for this coming year have not come to fruition. Searching for a peace of mind in a chaotic world. 

The jest of it is boys and girls, is that I've been off track. Being brutally honest with you is my way of coming to some truths and a reality check. With that being said, the tears have stopped and I have brushed my shoulders off. As I write these words I have often wondered is anyone else going through the same setbacks this year? Are people not fulfilling their New Year's promises? Mind you, I always start out with great enthusiasm. My work ethic, my goals, and where I want my career to go are always the base of my encouragement speech every morning. And yet, here I am wondering why haven't I achieved what I wanted to accomplish by now? 

So, I took some advice from a few friends of mine. Took a minute away and now I'm trying to pick up the pieces. 

I will make a few appearances this year and be more vocal on my blog. I hope I can engage my audience with all that I have to offer. I have a new website AND a newsletter. All the links will be provided on each blog I put out. 

The big news is that I'm here. Still. Fighting to survive and let you into my world. I want to personally thank each and everyone who reads my words. Buys my book. Visits my website. Enjoys my newsletters. Anything or any place that you see me, I hope I leave you with positive energy and food for thought. 

Please take a moment to reflect on your own lives and if you need to make the necessary changes, do be afraid. Don't let time get away. You will look up and see that life has passed you by. Never measure your success by someone's else. Instead let it be a beacon of moving forward in your own life. At your own pace. Not everyone is going to understand or probably even care. But for the few you do reach... trust me friends it's worth all that you sacrifice to become who you are destined to be.

As always,

Be well...